The Church of Spin

The new religion has arrived. While spin studios like Quad and CYKL have been in Toronto for years, you may have noticed new spin studios popping up every few weeks across the city in the past few months.

With the arrival of Spokehaus this summer, it was clear that Toronto is hungry for a cult-like spin experience and it’s not surprising to see SoulCycle from the U.S. and Vancouver-based RIDE hot on its heels to answer that prayer.

Enter the Church of Spin

RIDE Toronto Spin

You arrive at RIDE Cycle Club and are checked in by a bubbly front desk employee. You enter the change room filled with more bubbly women and a couple of men. The women are all tiny, donning tiny and trendy sports bras that put my Nike uni-boob to shame. Some are inexplicably fit (like seriously did you get that 8-pack from spin classes and if so please sign me up for 2 every day until I have that too). When you’re ready (are you ever ready?!) you filter into a candlelit room and mount your bike. Avoid the front row – that’s where the regulars and best spinners sit.

Toronto Spin Classes

When the instructor begins their sermon, the crowd gathered get serious. During the next 45 minutes you learn a new language – the language of spin. Certain prompts from the instructor are met with screams of ecstacy, joy, and devotion, as well as enthusiastic towel waving. The most devoted don branded merchandise like trendy toques and strappy sports bras. And I personally said a few prayers during the arm workout.

RIDE Cycle Club Toronto

When you return to the change room after stretching out your screaming muscles the lights turn on and you bond with your sweaty comrades over the service. And you immediately look forward to the next sermon.

The Church of Spin is now open. RIDE Cycle Club Toronto opens in March 2017 on Ossington.  

Photo Credits: Ride Cycle Club on Instagram 

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