Gift Guide – Pet Edition #PetWishList

Each year, Moe and Trojan get absolutely spoiled by Santa. I use the festive occasion to stock up on things they need like new beds or jackets as well as their favourite T-R-E-A-T-S and toys.


Given my expert experience in pooch spoiling, I’ve put together a fun little gift guide to help you shop for your fur babies, nieces, nephews, and siblings.

Moe’s #PetWishList

Dog Jacket
Mosher Dog Jacket

Moe doesn’t mind winter walks but I worry that his short fur and lack of an undercoat don’t keep him warm enough. We tried a few ill-fitting jackets (thank you boxer chest!) before finding Mosher – a line of durable, handmade, waterproof dog jackets. They’re even made in Toronto!


Barkbox is a monthly delivery of toys and treats that have been hand-picked to match your dog’s preferences. You can sign up for 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months. If you’re thinking of signing up, use code TORONTO to get 10% off your order and the Toronto Humane Society will earn a $15 donation!


Tis the season to stock up on Moe’s favourite treats! I make sure I always have a selection of things like marrow bones, Dentalife Chews, Beggin’ Strips, and special training treats on hand.

A New Collar 


Moe rotates between a sleek leather collar and this fun one from Peachy Keen Pets. I think the blue really brings out his adorable.

This is a post in a series of posts about Moe + Purina! He receives some perks (like the T-word) for lending his time to be photographed and written about as a Purina Pet People Ambassador. As always, opinions are mine and are based on my experience with the brand and products included in my post.

Pet Wishlist Purina

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