Airbnb Launches Co-Hosting Platform

Earlier this summer I worked with Airbnb to help onboard new hosts in Toronto. The problem is that we have so much demand for Airbnb listings and not enough hosts to fill that demand. I worked as an Air Ambassador offering Toronto hosts a $150 cash bonus (not an Airbnb travel credit!) and helped onboard new hosts by answering questions about Airbnb and hosting, helping guide them through the process of creating a listing and managing bookings.

When I talked to people who wanted to host the same issue kept coming up:

“But I don’t have time to host and manage the entire process!”

– OR –

“I want to list my space on Airbnb but will be traveling out of the country and can’t manage my bookings or my guests while I’m gone!”

Now I’m working with Airbnb again to spread the word about a new product offering – co-hosting! It’s perfect for people who want to put a room or a property on Airbnb but either won’t be around to manage the bookings and greet guests or would just rather have someone else take care of it.

What Is a Co-Host?

Once you become a host on Airbnb you can find a local co-host to help manage your bookings. Co-hosts decide which services they provide and what fee they charge but can help with things like messaging with guests, handling reservations, checking in guests, reviewing guests, restcoking essential supplies, and coordinating cleaning and linen changes.

All you need to do is register as a host (use this link to get the $100 cash bonus!) and then find a co-host.

Airbnb Code

Cash Incentive!

Earn an extra $100 for signing up as a new host – you have to use this link to sign up!
The cash bonus expires December 31, 2016.

Disclosure: I am compensated by Airbnb for my work with hosts as an Air Ambassador.
Please get in touch if you have any questions about becoming a new host or the new co-hosting program.

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