#MetOnPetfinder – Moe and Me  

I used to look at Petfinder every day on my lunch. Myself and a group of friends that I worked with had a daily “puppytime” where we looked at the available dogs. I dreamed about what my life would be like with each dog I fell in love with on the site.

When it was finally time for me to look for my own dog, I started researching the rescues I loved most on Petfinder. I found one that was nearby who specialized in pulling healthy boxers from kill shelters in the U.S. I contacted the rescue about one of the dogs on Petfinder and went through the process of getting approved to adopt one of their pups. While the one listed at that time wasn’t the right dog for me, we spoke often about the dogs available trying to find the right fit.

One day in January, just a few days before my birthday, the phone rang. The rescue’s U.S. contacts had found a friendly, healthy, 10-month old boxer. He had been dropped at the shelter with nothing but a collar made of paper and no name or story. He was to be put down the next day – unless of course, they could get him vet checked and approved to cross the border that afternoon. I agreed to foster him in the hopes that I could adopt him. He showed up the next day and I don’t know who was more scared – me or him!


About Petfinder

Petfinder has thousands of adoptable pets from shelters and rescue groups across North America and they are responsible for about 1.2 million pets being adopted each year. To celebrate their 20th anniversary this year Petfinder is donating $100,000 to shelters and rescue groups. When you adopt from Petfinder you aren’t putting money in the pockets of backyard breeders or irresponsible owners who didn’t fix their dogs. You’re helping a rescue or a shelter make room for another pet.

While Moe didn’t ever have to end up on Petfinder, I still consider it one of the ways it helped us meet. And my Puppytime co-conspirators? A few of them have adopted dogs they found on Petfinder now too!

This is a post in a series of posts about Moe + Purina! He receives some perks (like the T-word) for lending his time to be photographed and written about as a Purina Pet People Ambassador. As always, opinions are mine and are based on my experience with the brand and products included in my post. 

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