You Are What You Eat – Choosing Dog Food

Deciding what to feed your dog is so hard. Vets and pet food stores all seem to have their own agenda and there is no shortage of terrifying claims against all of the popular brands. I want Moe to eat well and I want to know what is going into his food. but I don’t have time to feed raw or cook his own food and I need to turn to a brand I trust.


When Moe came to me through a rescue organization I was working with he had been eating some pretty terrible low quality food at the shelter he was in. He had parasites, kennel cough, and was well below what would be considered a healthy weight for a dog his size. My first job with him was to get him healthy and since he was already on medication my main focus was on the food he would need to get healthy and put on some healthy puppy weight. (Bonus: Moe had the STINKIEST farts – and a lot of ‘em – until we got him on a high quality food with good ingredients!)

Our Mealtime Rituals

Moe is a pretty excited eater and I had a few ideas in mind on how I wanted to approach mealtime with my new dog. Moe gets fed twice a day: once in the morning before his walk and once when I get home from work. I use a verbal cue to let him know that it’s time to eat and we have a bit of a fun routine:

Me: “Are you hungry?”

Moe: *does a few spins with tail wagging and runs to sit in front of his bowl*

Once he is sitting I fill his and the cat’s bowls and once I say “Okay” and they both eat. Some days if I’m distracted and don’t say “okay” for him to release the sit I’ll find him there a few minutes later still waiting!

Moe’s Food


Since navigating the pet food decision is a tricky one, I tend to turn to ingredient lists to inform my decisions. Part of our partnership with Purina means that Moe has been eating Purina Beneful new dry dog food for the past few weeks. The #1 ingredient is always beef or chicken! Moe is still rocking a healthy and shiny coat and his stinky farts are still at bay (for the most part) so we’re all pretty happy!


This is a post in a series of posts about Moe + Purina! He receives some perks (like the T-word) for lending his time to be photographed and written about as a Purina Pet People Ambassador. As always, opinions are mine and are based on my experience with the brand and products included in my post. 


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  1. Cam Margaret
    October 22, 2016 / 12:20 pm

    To let us know he’s hungry, our cat likes to meow incessantly and if you pick him up right before he farts in your face – and that’s when we know he’s hungry! Thanks for sharing your story, Moe and Jamie!