STWM Training Update – 3 Days until Race Day

The countdown is on. The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 3 days away. I have been training for it for almost 3 months. So far I’ve shared a few race updates. In case you’ve missed them:

  1. The Digital Ambassador announcement and my race training plan
  2. The Not So Good training update
  3. The It Got Better training update

Taper Madness

I began my taper about a week and a half ago, just a few days before a west coast vacation. It was good timing and I enjoyed some time off worrying about long runs and just finding time for short runs around Vancouver’s sights and hiking for my cross training.
STWM Training

The Taper is when your training starts to wind down in advance of your race. It gives your body time to recover and your mind plenty of time to worry. During this time runners suffer from what is called “taper madness”. They worry about everything related to the race including (but not limited to): race day weather, pre-race carb loading, injury or illness, wanting to run more or wondering if they’ve run enough, and what to wear to the race.

I’m happy to report that most of my taper madness is subsiding – here’s where my head is at leading into the race:

The Good

  • My long runs dramatically improved from that “Not So Good” update a few weeks ago. With some company from another Blacktoe runner I was able to crush my long runs and dial up my distance to where I needed to be.
  • Despite minor setbacks at the beginning, I enjoyed every single run that has got me here today. I’m entering the race with my love for running intact and I can say that I really enjoyed training for this race.
  • I feel strong. No lingering injuries, strange pains, or tight muscles. Running reminds me frequently how thankful I am for a strong, healthy body! #blessed
  • I was able to get in some cross training and taper runs while on vacation, which is always a struggle for me. It was nice to mix up my training with some intense hiking and I wish I could run every long run through Stanley Park or on the Seawall.


The Bad

  • My training isn’t quite where I had hoped it would be in terms of mileage and frequency. I know I can do the half marathon distance (and I’ve done it before) but because of this I’m looking at a slower time than my last one.
  • My worst taper fear was realized when I came down with a cold a few days ago. I can’t imagine running for 2+ hours with a head cold but some things I’ve read suggest my symptoms may subside during the run. Here’s hoping!


Overall, I’m feeling race ready and am dedicating the next few days to kicking this cold with lots of fluids, healthy immune-boosting foods, and plenty of sleep. Bring on STWM – and if you see me, hand me a tissue!

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