SWTM Half Marathon Training Update

Last week was Week 6 of my Half Marathon training. You’ll remember in my Week 1 update I said I was feeling “sluggish and slow” and to be totally honest, I’m still feeling a lot of that. I know that most people never talk about the struggle with training and only share the positive updates but I need to be real here for just one minute.

I am feeling incredibly frustrated with my training. It is not going well.

I’m not getting out as frequently as I had hoped (and planned for) due to a lot of work obligations so my speed workouts have been compromised and I’m not getting the mileage I need in. But even more troubling for me is the fact that my long runs are KICKING. MY. BUTT. I’m going way slower, needing more breaks, and not able to go as far as I have before. I’ve been sick on and off for weeks and have battled a cold, a throat infection, and a sinus infection. The heat and humidity has not been my friend either. I’m trying to remain positive and cut my body some slack but I have a huge mental obstacle to overcome.

Running Happy Place

Just looking for my Happy Place again

I remember how positive I was feeling going into my spring half marathon and how easy my training was and I want to get back in that headspace!

It’s me against myself – so here’s what I’m doing to try and turn things around:

  • I got some snazzy new kicks. They make me feel light and fast so hopefully my results will start showing the same.
  • I’m still enjoying the process and looking forward to my runs, even if they are slower and shorter than I would like. I’m also splitting long runs into two parts (one at night, one the next morning) to try and tack on distance that way.
  • I don’t have any lingering injuries bothering me and my body is feeling strong.
  • I’m going to keep putting in the work and while I’m still building up my long run distance, I still have 6 weeks of training to go!
  • I’m heading back to the Barre (Pure Barre that is – they helped me so much with my strength training for my last half-marathon so I’m going to try that again)!

I’m really ready to turn the corner soon and start having more “good runs”. What are your tips for overcoming training obstacles?

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1 Comment

  1. Short back and sides
    September 6, 2016 / 11:12 am

    Nice kicks. Don’t forget your training so far has been through the hottest summer on record. Heat reallllly impacts my running with all the symptoms you outlined. But then I ran in the cool (15 degrees) on Saturday morning and I was surprised as to the difference it made. One simply forgets how different it is at sub 20 degrees. Cooler weather is coming, it’ll be alright in the end.