5 Ways Life is Bigger with a Dog #LetsLiveBig

Anyone who owns a pet can tell you countless stories about how their pet has improved their life. For me, the challenges of caring for and training a dog have transformed me and changed me. I know that I am a different person now than when Moe arrived at my doorstep 5 and a half years ago.

The truth is, life is better with a pet. And life is Bigger with a pet.
Here’s 5 ways how:

1. Unconditional Love


Screw up that report you had due at work? Forget to pick milk up on the way home? Forget your manners when you were in a rush at the coffee shop? Guess what – your dog doesn’t care. He’ll still be waiting at the door for you to come home and greet you like you are the light of his life. Because yeah, you are!

2. Snuggles, Slobbles, and Kisses


All those studies that show how giving kisses actually makes dogs uncomfortable and anxious? Tell that to my 75lb boxer when I get home from work, a trip, or even just bringing the garbage out. There is nothing more adorable than your dog jumping on the bed in the morning to give you a big kiss to wake you up – unless of course it’s a morning they were supposed to let you sleep in.

3. Adaopt a New Best Friend


Get a dog. Instant best friend! You’ll bond over everything from long walks in the rain and being their own personal poop & scooper.

4. Stress Relief


Having a dog helps improve your quality of life, reduce stress, and even lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Even SCIENCE agrees that having a dog is good.

5. Get Outside and Move


Your dogs late night bathroom breaks and long walks to burn off excess energy are your key to a new active lifestyle. It won’t even seem like work when you’re spending time with your new best friend!


Purina is focusing on all of the ways that life is BIGGER with pets and using those reasons as inspiration to help make pets lives bigger in the areas of Innovation, Safety, and Pet Welfare.

Has your pet made your life better or BIGGER? Let me know!

This is a post in a series of posts about Moe + Purina! He receives some perks (like the T-word) for lending his time to be photographed and written about as a Purina Pet People Ambassador. As always, opinions are mine and are based on my experience with the brand and products included in my post. 


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