Doggy Dummy – Moe’s New Bright Minds Food Plan

The boxer holds the 47th spot on the list of smartest dogs. Don’t get me wrong – top 50 isn’t bad. But it isn’t exactly great either. But what about Moe? Is he above average intelligence for the 47th smartest dog? Or below? I can never quite figure out if he’s got it all figured out or if he’s just really good at faking it.

Purina Pro Plan

In any case, it’s important to me to not only tire him out physically each day but also mentally. Here are some games we play to ensure his brain gets a workout too:

  • Hide a few treats around the house and get him to find them
  • Bring him on errands and small trips. Meeting new people and experiencing new places keeps his mind active, helps to socialize him and make him comfortable with new experiences.
  • An old dog can learn new tricks – and teaching them is a great way to exercise their mind.
  • Spice up your walks. sometimes we play “follow me” on walks and Moe is tested to maintain eye contact as much as possible and stop and go when I do. We’ll cross the street and turn around randomly to keep it exciting and make sure he is paying attention. (The added benefit is that this has really taught him to pay attention to me and my body language/movements on walks which helps reduce the amount he pulls on the leash and teaches him better leash manners in general.)
  • Guess that toy! Moe knows the names of a few of his toys (come on, don’t pretend you don’t name your dog’s toys). I’ll pull out 3 toys he knows the name of and quiz him by getting him to bring me the one I say the name of.

Moe Smart DogA weekend at my parents’ house exploring new smells and new people results in 2 days of what I call “doggy hangover”.

I have also switched up his food to try the new Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind food. Moe isn’t very picky when it comes to food (but no carrots, please!) so he happily gobbles the new food right down. It’s too soon to see any of the benefits like improved skin or coat but the Bright Mind kibble includes Vitamin A and linoleic acid (an omega 6 fatty acid) that helps keep skin healthy and coat shiny, as well as anti-oxidants to boost his immune system, and other brain supporting nutrients to keep him healthy, happy, and hopefully a bit brighter!

P.S. This is the first post in a series of posts about Moe + Purina! He receives some perks (like the T-word) for lending his time to be photographed and written about as a Purina Pet People Ambassador. As always, opinions are mine and are based on my experience with the brand and products included in my post. 

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