A Lesson in Influencer Outreach from Cadbury

I am a huge Cadbury brand fan. It all started as a little kid when my nana would go to Marks & Spencers and buy me chocolate Buttons as a treat. My English family knows to bring me home a selection of treats (but always more Buttons!) when they visit the UK and I’ve been known to keep a stock pile at home for a craving hits.

Bunz Trade Chocolate

A recent capture of my stockpile.

Cadbury World

10 years ago at Cadbury World in the U.K. “I love Cadbury thiiiiiiis much!”

So imagine my excitement when this massive box filled with Cadbury’s new Oreo Eggs showed up at my door this week with a personalized note inviting me to visit bit.ly/JamieLeighTO where I found a man dressed as the Easter Bunny RAPPING A SONG ABOUT ME based on photos from my Instagram account.

While the wild wild west of blogger outreach and influencer marketing is certainly over and the pitches I receive now tend to show a higher level of research and personalization than a few years ago, this campaign from Cadbury and Edelman have really re-set the bar. Here’s what makes this program stand out from the rest:

  • The Packaging: I rarely receive products from brands in anything more than a brown box delivered by Canada Post or Purolator. In this case, the box was a branded Cadbury box that was personalized with my name inside and included a printed, personalized card with more information. Kudos to the production team who put this one together.
  • The Share Factor: Sure, things that are personalized are generally more likely to be shared by bloggers and influencers. But this is more than a name printed on a box or a personalized card stuck in with product sent to 100 other influencers or press people. It was a rap song written about the photos I share online! A HIPPITY HOP. Now that takes some serious effort. High fives to the writer on this project. How can you not share this video?! I was seriously surprised about the level of personalization and care taken with this program.
  • The Follow Up: someone reached out the day following the delivery to make sure I had everything I needed including any information and to answer any other questions.

And finally, The Product:
Now for this one I have to start with a disclaimer. I can’t even eat Cadbury Oreo Eggs. The Oreo part has Oreo cookies (duh) and I can’t eat cookies. I did scoop the filling out of two to eat the Cadbury chocolate shell and I’m not ashamed about that. But my boyfriend who has no sweet tooth at all loved them and asked me to hide them from him so that he didn’t eat the rest in one sitting. Try them for yourself!

Try them for yourself – Cadbury Oreo Eggs are only available until Easter!

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  1. March 21, 2016 / 2:55 pm

    I’ve been jealously watching other people participate in this program. I’m OBSESSED with those Oreo Cadbury eggs. I’m not much for chocolate, but I can’t avoid those…and now especially with the Oreo filling (my fave!).

    It’s true – influencer outreach has been a bit blah recently. There was a period of high personalization (like the Doritos flame activation) and then a rut of dullness and now it seems like PR is realizing the value of a targeted, highly-personalized campaign. You can’t help but share something like this! And that makes it a great way to get around sponsored posts.

    • March 21, 2016 / 4:46 pm

      Eff Doritos.