I’m a #PetPeople

Look at this face:

Purina Pet People

How lucky am I to go home to this every day? Ask me how I am and I’ll usually say “good”. Ask me how my dog is and you’ll receive a long list of all the fun things he’s been up to, how he’s feeling, and a funny story about something he did recently. His little face lights up my life. And yes, I’m one of those people who is taking Moe to get his photo taken with Santa because I think it is hilarrrrrious and so precious.

Even before Moe I was crazy about cats. My little jerk of a cat has been with me for 10 years and is Moe’s best friend. I’ve always been passionate about animals and in most cases, their needs come way before mine. I’ve pulled all-nighters caring and worrying about a sick pet, cried all night about a cat I thought ran away, and have cleaned things you can’t even imagine. There isn’t anything more important to me in the world than my little bugs. I have volunteered with a few dog and cat rescues and one day I hope to foster rescue animals. Us pet people are certainly a different breed ourselves!

To celebrate the love people have for their pets I’ve submitted a few photos of Moe to Purina’s Pet People campaign. It turns out Moe is going to be featured in a limited edition coffee table photo book being produced by Purina! You can share your #PetPeople stories and you could be included in the book too! Just think – your pet and Moe, together, in a book! If you win, you also get a free copy of the book to show all of your friends how famous your furry bff is!

To enter, share what it means to you to be #PetPeople on Twitter or Instagram. Tag @purinacanada and use the #PetPeople hashtag so that they see your photo!

FullSizeRender (12)

The contest closes December 22, 2015. Contest rules and regulations (including photo requirements) are online here.





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