Review: Best of Ritual – Meals Under $10

A couple weeks ago I told you about a new app called Ritual which allows users to skip the line by ordering in advance on their app.


To be honest, while I enjoyed the app the few times I used it I wasn’t sure how useful it would be long term.

Was I really spending that much time waiting in lines each day?
Was Ritual just another app in a crowded marketplace?
Could Ritual hold it’s own in my phone’s precious available data? 

I decided to put Ritual to the test the only way I know how – bring it along for a week in the life of JamieLeighTO. I challenged myself to use Ritual for 5 days in 5 different neighbourhoods. Each meal had to be under $10. Here’s how it went:

Best of Ritual: Meals Under $10

Day 1: Bowl from Evolution Food Co.

Evolution Food Co Ritual

I had a busy day at work and was meeting my mom right at the Jays game. My mom and I both have some special dietary requests so I thought it would be best to grab us a bowl of vegetables and protein to fuel us but also keep us satisfied and avoid the urge to snack throughout the game. (Life hack: The Skydome (or, er, Rogers Centre) is one of the few stadiums that allow you to bring in outside food!) Evolution Food Co. was one of my favourite new discoveries through Ritual so I’m extra excited that it’s only a short walk from my office.

Price: $10 (The bowls are normally a few dollars over my limit but thanks to a 30% deal that day I made it in just under my price limit!)

Day 2: Burger from South St. Burger


Day 2 fell on what I knew was going to be a late night at the office as I was involved in a few focus groups we were running. When dinner arrived without any gluten-free options I was pretty excited. I managed to order a burger (with a gluten-free bun!) from South St. during the meeting and dashed out to pick it up during a short break.

Price: $7.85

Day 3: Acai Bowl from Union Juice


What do you do when you wake up with the beginnings of a cold to find out your water has no running water? You make a stop for a breakfast packed full of fruit. I ordered an acai bowl from Union Juice as I left the house and grabbed it on my way into the office. This acai bowl packs some serious flavour and tasted incredibly fresh. I ate half for breakfast and the rest for a snack later in the day.

Price: $9.50

Day 4: Yoghurt Parfait from Live Organic Food Bar Live Raw Bar Ritual

Finally the weekend has arrived! I woke up and did a short run around my neighbourhood to get me out of bed and moving and stopped by Live Market to grab this delicious yoghurt parfait and a green immunity juice for later. Live Market was my other favourite discovery thanks to the Ritual app and I’ve already visited a few times since then.

Price: $10

Day 5: Sushi from Sushi & Bento

There’s a funny story about why there isn’t a photo for Day 5 and it’s because it was somehow the most hectic day of the week. I had to scramble to leave work at the end of the day to make it to my running group on time. Then, I ordered sushi on the Ritual app as my group finished our run on the way back to our meeting area. Then I grabbed my things, ran by Sushi & Bento to pick up my order, and ate my rolls while on route to a late meeting for a small project I’m working on. Without the app I wouldn’t have been able to refuel after an intense run and workout!

Price: $7.99

Try Ritual for yourself! Use this link to sign up and get $10 credit in your account!

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