Help Build Pursuit OCR – Canada’s Newest Indoor Obstacle Course

In July I participated in my first obstacle course race at Spartan Race. It was only a matter of time – obstacle course racing has become one of the fastest growing sports in the past few years. I did Spartan Race with only my experience running and strength training, but I had no real practice doing things like climbing ropes, scaling walls, and swinging on monkey bars (not for the past couple decades, anyway). The race kicked my butt and challenged me in new and fun ways but I left feeling pretty confused. I wanted to come back next year better and faster but where the heck do people train for stuff like this?

For the past year a friend of mine has been working on something really exciting:

Pursuit OCR – Canada’s first fully indoor obstacle course and movement training centre is opening in Toronto! 

Pursuit 2

Pursuit OCR is an obstacle course training centre for people of all fitness levels. The fitness-based playground has more than 19 obstacles and the first cryosauna (crazy!!) in downtown Toronto. Their goal is to create a fully inclusive, community-minded, multi-disclipline fitness facility. It’s not your average gym and the owners promised me it won’t be full of Joe MuscleHeads grunting and taking up all of the space. More importantly, Pursuit OCR is dedicated to bringing fun and enjoyment back to working out.


Wil, Eddie, and Mikey have been spending every minute and every penny building Pursuit into what it is now. They have transformed an old warehouse space at 444 Dufferin Street (just north of Queen) into a massive obstacle course but they need help to finish everything so they’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign! With actual real, offers and perks like memberships and gift cards for local stores and restaurants for people who help fund it! Here’s what you would be helping to fund:

  • Cryotherapy – Chill your body to -150 degrees Celsius to mend muscle, recover faster and rejuvenate your skin. A better alternative to the traditional ice bath, this will be the first cryosauna in downtown Toronto.
  • Private personal training studio.
  • 2 fully matted group exercise spaces – Learn dynamic flexibility, strength training and increase your lactic threshold to take your endurance to the next level.
  • Gender-neutral washrooms and changerooms.
  • 45-foot observation gallery to relax in and watch your friends on the obstacle course.
  • Beverages and snacks – Get your second wind with a coffee, kombucha, coconut water or cold-pressed juice, grab some vegan snacks or hormone-free grass-fed brisket jerky, and then get back on the course.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.28.53 AM

Help build an exciting new fitness facility in Toronto! Check out the Indiegogo perks and find out more about Pursuit OCR here: With your help, Pursuit OCR will open this fall!

Pursuit 1

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