Review: Skip the line with Ritual App

Confession: I’m one of those people who is always running late. I miscalculate how long it will take me to leave the house and I’m always in a rush and having to forfeit things like my morning coffee or lunch because I don’t have time to wait in line.

Don’t get me wrong; I love knowing all of my local baristas and having a lunch spot that knows my order in advance. It’s just that sometimes I just don’t have time to wait in line while the 5 people in front of me place their entire offices’ coffee order or pay for their shawarma in nickels.

Last week I tried a new app that allows young, busy professionals to “skip the line” by ordering in advance. Here’s the scoop on Ritual:

How To Use It

Ritual app

Sign up: Sign up for Ritual using the app with your email, phone number, a credit card, and your photo so that the restaurants can recognize you when you arrive. You can use this referral link to get $10 off your first order!

Order: View nearby restaurants, popular restaurants, or search by name or dinner and lunch availability. Once you decide on a restaurant you can view all of the items available. Select an item and customize any options (like 2% milk in your latte or whole wheat crust for your pizza). Some restaurants even have featured items available through the app.

If you’d like to repeat a previous order you can easily re-order from your list of previous orders. Perfect for your regular morning coffee on the way to work!

Your order is then charged to your credit card with no extra fees or charges for the service.

Pickup: When you arrive just walk up to the counter and collect your items. At the coffee shops and lunch places I’ve been to there was a little “Ritual” placard on the counter with my food or drinks waiting next to it. I was worried that I might miss the personal interaction and service but each place greeted me by name and asked me how I was.

Ritual Black Canary Coffee

In every case my orders were made fresh and were ready when I arrived.

Where To Use It

Ritual just launched a few months ago but already has over 100 participating restaurants and cafes across Toronto. The biggest hubs of available restaurants on the app are in King West, Entertainment District, Liberty Village, St. Lawrence Market, and the Discovery District.

Ritual app One Pizza

I’ve used Ritual for everything from my morning coffee or cold pressed juice to pizza or indian at lunch! There are tons of different restaurant options available.

Get $10 Off Your First Ritual 

Ritual has offered my readers $10 off when they sign up using my referral code. Just click on this link and start skipping the line:


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