Review: Grocery Delivery with Urbery

For me, there’s nothing worse than getting home late from work or from a long run to an empty fridge. Since I’ve been trying to eat and snack better using recipes from That Clean Life, avoiding unhealthy foods for the sake of convenience is something I’m working really hard to do. I’m all about using my time efficiently and that doesn’t always include waiting in line at the grocery store. I’ve used grocery and organic fruit and vegetable delivery services during busy life periods in the past so with my move date set for Canada Day last week I decided to put Urbery to the test.

Urban + Grocery = Urbery

Urbery is a same day grocery delivery service that has just launched in Toronto. Just log in, select which grocery items you’d like from their 3,500 available items, and pick your delivery window. Then one of their “grocery gurus” (a fleet of personal grocery shoppers) will shop for your order and deliver it right to your doorstep. They can even deliver within 2 hours of placing your order!


Delivery is free for orders over $65 but alcohol delivery (yes – they do that too!) is subject to a delivery fee. You can find a full breakdown on delivery fees on their site. Urbery’s grocery gurus can deliver from 10am-10pm every day but you do need to be home to accept your order. If anything is out of stock, your grocery guru will contact you with a few substitution options.

My Experience

Last Tuesday night I took a break from packing up the last few boxes and sat down to place my grocery store order. I was getting sick of the takeout food that usually accompanies moving but knew I wouldn’t have time to grab fresh groceries for the new apartment, especially with my move day falling on Canada Day when stores would be closed.

The ordering process was pretty easy. I went through each section of the website which is divided into categories like deli, dairy, frozen, beverage – just like I would walk down the aisles of a grocery store. I also went through some of the curated sections like gluten-free to see if there was anything I had missed.

urbery delivery

I found that most items were priced comparably to the grocery store, with the exception of a few items like cheese or meat. I don’t hate the process of grocery shopping but the ability to do it online AND not having to worry about lugging it all home was pretty great.


I had scheduled my delivery for 5-6pm, (correctly) assuming that by then I would be finished unpacking all of the main areas of my house: Moe’s crate and beds, the living room (including TV and internet), basic kitchen amenities, and my bedroom. Just before 5pm I received a text message saying that my grocery guru was on the way with a link to track my guru. Once I clicked the link I could see my guru’s name, location on a map, and estimated arrival time. There was also the ability to call or message my guru.



My groceries arrived in reusable shopping bags that I’ll return the next time I place an order.
For those people who just looooove the process of grocery shopping, Urbery is also looking for grocery gurus. Kind of an interesting way to make a bit of extra money! You can apply on the Urbery website.



Save $15 off your first order!

Want to give Urbery a try? Click here and enter your email to get $15 off your first order!

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Urbery’s current delivery area:

Don’t worry if you don’t see your neighbourhood on that map – Urbery is open to requests for out-of-area deliveries and they are growing quickly!

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  1. Mahendra
    July 16, 2015 / 12:35 pm

    URBERY is a great delivery service. A big time saver, specially for Millennium Youth that can optimally utilize its time more productively than in tiring, hassle full shopping experience.

  2. Ba Line
    January 6, 2016 / 5:07 pm

    I used Urbery a few days ago because they take Paypal and they can deliver within a couple hours. The grocery “guru” went out of his way to deliver within the timeframe and get a substitute bottle package of pop as the store didn’t have the one I ordered. He found an even better set of one litre bottles, he actually got me a larger quantity for the same price. I hope this service does very well, I think it’s great.
    Also I would like to mention they delivered all this good service on Sunday !