Why I Don’t Post Running Photos

On Sunday I ran the longest distance I have yet – a 15K race on Toronto Island. And while I’ve been training for this event for weeks I’ve resisted posting a lot of photos, allowing myself to post only 1 photo from the finish line of the race.

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The truth is:

I get really insecure about posting running or fitness-related photos.

I make sure I don’t post them too often and that there are non-fitness related posted to break them up. Here’s why:

There are many people who comment negatively about “the people” who post those kinds of photos. Some people say it’s boring, annoying, and – even worse –  imply that runners, weight lifters, or yogis are inherently fat-shaming other people by posting photos of their workouts. And what’s worse is that these comments are generally made by women about other women!


I’m not one to be affected by the comments of a few negative nancies, but the problem with commenting on my running photos or making general comments about the women who post them is that you aren’t just commenting on the pants I bought or the meal I just paid someone to prepare for me. You are criticising me for something that takes a lot of work. A lot of dedication. A lot of sore muscles, sweaty mornings, and missed parties. It’s something I’ve sacrificed things for. And since it’s something I’m doing on my own that isn’t affecting you or your life at all, I can’t imagine why it’s upsetting other people.

So why the hateful comments? The easy answer is that it reminds people of what they aren’t doing. Of what maybe they wished they could do. But is that it? Is it just the same as the people who don’t like people who post photos of their food or too many selfies?

Why can’t we just encourage others and motivate them to do the things that make them happy? The things that make them healthy? Why can’t we refrain from criticizing other women online for being too fat, too thin, too fit? There’s even a new trend to criticize people deemed to be TOO HEALTHY.

Why do people knock fitness posts and the progress of others? And is this problem limited to the (un)fairer sex? Let’s chat about it in the comments.


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  1. June 19, 2015 / 10:55 am

    I don’t make negative comments about it – but I would say generally because people still don’t realize that social media is inherently egotistical so they assume it has no place there. And probably makes them realize they are lazy. #IAmAlsoLazyAndNeedToChangeThat Lol.