Review: Treats Happen Offer Better Dog Treats

Pet owners are a funny bunch. When faced with a decision like which food or treats I should buy my cat and dog I stress for hours on end, researching and reading everything I can to make sure they get the best of the best. I wish I could say I did the same for the food I ate, although things are certainly getting better with That Clean Life. I was thrilled to hear that an acquaintance, Lucas, had started a pet treat company and sent me a few for Moe to “sample”.

Treats Happen Reviews

“Maybe if I look sad enough she’ll give me one.”

Treats Happen

And that isn’t always a good thing. Some dog treats are a hodge podge of weird stuff, fillers, and what-the-heck-is-that ingredients. Not to mention the cost of quality dog treats! On the quest for the “better treat”, Lucas and his girlfriend, Riley, started making single ingredient treats to feed their boxers. They shared a few with friends who encouraged them to make more, and along came Treats Happen.

Treats Happen offer single ingredient treats and have been selling them at pet tradeshows and events to pet owners looking to feed their dogs better quality treats without long, mysterious ingredient lists. The ingredients are sourced from local Ontario farmers. They even make duck feet treats which are great for dogs with any sort of joint pain.

Dawgs Dig It

Moe can get a little bit of “boxer belly” once in awhile, especially if I play around with his diet. Boxer belly is a term for an upset stomach, which is something some boxers are quite prone too. This spring, Moe had a long, drawn out case of boxer belly (long enough to warrant multiple vet visits) and I was still able to give him Treats Happen treats. Because the treats are made of one, simple ingredient they didn’t affect his stomach and I could still reward him for being a good boy at the vet.

Now when I pull out the Treats Happen bag Moe comes running, takes his treat nicely, and runs to his crate – his special place to enjoy special treats – to enjoy it in peace.

The Line Up

Natural Dog Treats Happen

Treats Happen have the following 4 options available on

  • Beef Liver
  • Duck Feet
  • Beef Lung
  • Chicken Feet

Want More Moe?

Moe Treats Happen

Moe was featured as the Dog of the Day on the Treats Happen blog. Read the story of how we got hitched!

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