car2go x NXNE 2015

A lot of people, including close friends, think I “work” with car2go and the truth is: nope nope nope! While there’s nothing wrong with that, I think it’s important for people to know that I blog about a lot of things that I pay for myself and really, truly, love. I endorse car2go all the time becauseΒ I’m a huge fan of the service and the perks that come with membership. Like this one:

car2go member perks

car2go surprised me at my office yesterday with this package which includes 2 NXNE wristbands!!Β I didn’t get this because I have a blog or because I know someone that works there. This is just because car2go is a partnering with the festival and wanted to share some passes with their members! Ready to rock this year’s NXNE thanks to car2go membership perks!

In case you’re not a member yet, here’s a code to save on your membership registration and get your first 30 minutes of drive time for free:

Just thought I’d share some car2go and NXNE love! I know I’ll be using the convenient little cars to jump around the city all week – just like I do every week πŸ™‚

car2go membership NXNE Toronto

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