Review: Face Mapping with Dermalogica

Up until recently I was guilty of not knowing very much about my skin. I based my skin care choices off advertisements and what my friends were using and not what my skin needed. Since then, I’ve learned so much about my skin and what it needs to look it’s best.

A few weeks ago I stopped by the Dermalogica Learning Centre for a personalized Face Mapping. This approach, unique to Dermalogica, takes a zone-by-zone approach to skin analysis. During a Face Mapping, the face is divided into 14 zones and each zone is individually analyzed by a Dermalogica skin therapist under magnification to detect subtle nuances in each zone. From there, the therapist can recommend specific products to help each zone look it’s best and help combat any issues like breakouts, congestion, or dryness. The findings are recorded on a visual face “map” to help monitor the skin’s condition and act as a guide on where to apply products.

My Face Mapping revealed that I have dry skin and should continue to use a serum and moisturizer each day, as well as an exfoliant to help combat some congestion in my cheeks and chin area. I also learned about a great Climate Control balm to use on my face during runs or bike rides to protect my face from harmful pollution or temperatures.

I had the chance to chat with Charmaine Cooper, Dermalogica Education Manager prior to my Face Mapping to ask her a few questions about the process:

1. Can I get a brief outline of the Face Mapping process? 
Face Mapping Skin Analysis is a revolutionary technique that creates a dialogue between the client and therapist with the goal of education in mind. When we know why things are happening in their skin, we will be much better positioned to get the desired results. We break the skin down into 14 distinct zones and focus on what we are seeing/feeling as well as triggers and solutions. We would also use more specific questions to help us understand what we can’t necessarily see.

2. What are the top 3 biggest skincare mistakes you can see using the Face Mapping process?
Clients thinking that they have oily skin, when in reality lifestyle factors may be dehydrating their skin. This in turn will increase oil production in the skin. Clients forgetting to apply SPF to the neck, chest and ears. These are common areas for pigmentation and premature aging. Clients not realizing that our phones as well as our hands resting on our faces can exacerbate breakouts in the skin.

3. What tips do you have to help transition your beauty routine from Winter to Spring?
Try looking for a lighter-weight moisturizer. During the winter we need to combat the harsh climate and lower humidity levels with higher amounts of lipids. This could be a little rich moving into a season where humidity levels are higher. Dehydration can be a big issue for people as the seasons change. This can impact the level of breakouts, irritation and flakiness that clients may experience. Look for a lightweight serum that contains hyaluronic acid for a kick-start of water, without adding extra lipids into the skin. If you aren’t used to wearing SPF, jump on the Sun-Savvy bandwagon, by getting a daily SPF into your routine. It is single-handedly one of the best ways to prevent premature aging in the skin.

4. How do you use Face Mapping to help choose the right products for each person?
Face Mapping® Skin Analysis is a two way conversation between the client and therapist. During this we dig a little deeper to understand the client’s lifestyle, product sophistication level as well as trigger factors for their various concerns. Armed with this information we can then educate the client about the things they may be doing that could be making their skin concerns worse. Knowledge is power! Couple that with great formulations with active ingredients that target the specific trigger factors to their skins issues and we have a recipe for skin success!

Dermalogica Face Mapping treatment

Credit: Leala McInerney, Senior Educator, The International Dermal Institute

Face Mapping is 100% free and available in cities across Canada for the next month! Visit to book yours! 

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