Jamie’s Spring Beauty Picks

With each new season comes a slight change in my beauty routine. Since spring has sprung in full force I thought I would share some of the beauty products I’ve been warming up with the past few weeks:

Spring Beauty Must Haves


The FaceShop masks

1) THEFACESHOP launched in Canada last month and I managed to snag a few samples of their hand, nail, and face masks to try. This nail pack is my favourite. Just because winter is over doesn’t mean my hands are magically soft and luscious again. They are still in recovery; and even more so since I’m not the type to sit back and keep my hands clean after work.

I used this nail mask on Saturday after spending the day washing and tinkering with my motorcycle and my hands were happy for the extra pampering after getting dirt and grease on them for hours.

The FaceShop nail polish

2) When I saw THEFACESHOP’s nail care line I knew I had to pick up my two favourite colours for spring. These colours are some of my favourite at this time of year after months of dark tones. I’m working on perfecting a white mani and a good aqua/teal is always a favourite of mine!




Crown Flora and Mendocino

3) For me, a candle is a beauty product. I think of candles as a way to relax and pamper myself and often associate them with beauty treatments, especially those performed at home.

The new Mendocino on West Queen West opened last month and I couldn’t wait to go visit and pick up some new clothes and one of these candles made by my neighbours at Crown Flora Studio. I ended up coming home to a sick dog and spent hours cleaning my apartment until the lovely Carly stopped by to surprise me with this Lavender Sage candle. I’ve been relishing this scent for spring days, spent relaxing in my apartment with the windows wide open!

Sanuk Yoga Flat Sling4) With spring shoes come spring blisters which is why I’ve been enjoying these extra comfy flip flops from Sanuk. The soles are made from yoga mats and are super soft. Although I’m not a fan of donning flip flops anywhere but the beach I love the print on these sandals and have been wearing them every chance I get, paired with loose fitting boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. The stretchy print fabric is also really soft and comes in a bunch of different prints and colours. I wore these sandals home from a pedicure last week and my feet never felt more pampered!


Pedi Perfect

5) And finally, since I’ve been showing off a lot more skin I’ve been using this home pedicure tool to make sure my feet are in flip flop shape! This electronic foot file from Amopé helps buff away rough and dry skin and as long as you’re not ticklish, feels like the perfect at-home foot treatment.


What are your spring beauty faves? 

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