Eating Gluten-Free Does Not Mean Eating Healthy

Sure, there are tons of people who are looking to eliminate carbs from their diet and say they are eating “gluten-free”. Or people that falsely believe that eating gluten-free will lead to a healthier diet. But here’s the truth: eating gluten-free does not mean eating healthy!

Read the full story in my guest post on That Clean Life’s blog today!

That Clean Life Jamie

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That Clean Life Jamie

The next That Clean Life challenge starts Monday, May 25th. The “Lighten Up Part 2” challenge is full of amazing recipes including two of my favourites: the Cleaned Up Shepherds Pie and the Mushroom Lentil Burgers and two that I’m dying to try: the BBQ chicken and the Double Chocolate Black Bean Cookies. The challenge includes a full meal plan including snacks, a grocery list to help you show, and full recipes complete with comments from other members.

I don’t follow the weekly challenges because I’ve transitioned most of my meals and snacks to That Clean Life recipes or recipes inspired by ones I’ve found on the site but that doesn’t mean I won’t cheer you on! Sign up or learn more at

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