My Sporting Life 10K Results #SL10K

Back in December I signed up for the Sporting Life 10km run down Yonge Street. Since then, I’ve been training for the race, blogging about the race, telling all of my friends about it, and posting updates on my training to my blog and social media profiles. On Monday I bought some new shorts and a singlet to represent my running crew, Blacktoe Running. I was getting so. darn. excited for today’s race and built out a playlist that would keep my energy and spirits high throughout the run.

On Thursday, halfway through the work day, my left foot felt tender – like there was a bruise developing. I thought it was strange and tried to think of any way I may have hurt it. Nothing came to mind.

On Friday I woke up with a swollen, painful foot with that was warm to the touch and pink-ish. Yep, infected. And I knew exactly what was wrong. Four years ago a tiny cut on my ankle got infected, the soft tissue in my foot and ankle became infected with what’s called cellulitis and I spent 5 days visiting the hospital for daily antibiotics through an IV I had to keep in my arm until I was better. The fun thing about cellulitis is that once you’ve had it once there is a likelihood of it recurring. The other fun thing about cellulitis is PLEASE DON’T EVER GOOGLE IT! One of the bacterias that cause it is staph which is the same bacteria present in flesh-eating disease so I promise you that you should never Google it, especially if you have it.

FullSizeRender (10)

The fluke infection from 4 years ago was back – and its timing could not have been worse. I managed to get to a walk-in clinic by Friday afternoon and get on oral antibiotics right away. By Friday night my swelling was starting to go down and I’ve been enjoying plenty of naps and laying around with my feet up, all while having my fingers crossed I would be healed for today. And dreading explaining to people why I didn’t run the race I have been preparing for since December if I wasn’t. 


This morning, I woke up to shower and get ready to drive my mom and her friend to the race so that they wouldn’t have to worry about parking. I stepped out of bed and – no pain. I moved my toes around and – no stiffness. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and – no more pinkness or swelling! I threw on some running clothes and shoes and ran outside to do a few drills to see how it felt and – I WAS 100% OKAY!

I had actually written this blog last night to tell you about how I didn’t get to run the Sporting Life 10km and I am so incredibly excited that I get to re-write the ending today:

I finished my 10km run strong, with a cheering squad yelling my name, a good friend at my side pushing me to go further and faster! Despite not even knowing if I would be able to finish the race I finished only 5 minutes above my goal time for my first 10km.

Sporting Life 10k

Happy Mother’s Day to the fierce little woman who has been running longer than me and who always has to worry about me when my immune system takes a holiday. Thank you, Mom!


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