Review: Spring Cleaning with Helpling

The weather this weekend was beautiful. On Sunday afternoon I was lazying around a friend’s backyard thinking how great the breeze felt and how badly my apartment needed a spring cleaning so I could lie around there with the windows open with the sunshine pouring in. And then I remembered that my Helpling cleaning was at that very moment, doing my spring cleaning for me. 

I really love having a clean home. It stresses me out to come home to dirty floors, a sink full of dishes, and clothes to fold. With a cat and a dog, pet hair is a constant reality in my life. No outfit is complete without it and no visit from friends is without frantic sweeping and couch cleaning. Unfortunately, life is so hectic from Monday to Friday that I usually leave a path of destruction around me until I get my bearings again each weekend.

I’m also coming up to two years in my current apartment and the mess is starting to build up. I regularly clean and tidy the typical stuff (bathroom, kitchen, office) but I was starting to find that places like my closet, my cupboards, and tight spaces next to appliances or behind bookshelves were in dire need of a deeper clean.

Spring Cleaning with Helpling

I decided to take action and hire a cleaner to help me with my spring cleaning. I wasn’t ready to commit to a regular cleaning schedule and didn’t know where to find someone trustworthy and pet-friendly to come by. I had recently heard of Helpling launching in Toronto and decided to give them a try.

Helpling Home Cleaners

Helpling is an online platform that connects people with experienced and insured cleaners in the Toronto area. You just enter your location, select the date and time (I was surprised at how flexible it was!), and pay on their website. No matter which cleaning partner they pair you with Helpling charges $25/hour.

I was a bit nervous to let a stranger into my house (especially if I wasn’t going to be home) but Helpling is very selective about which cleaning partners they will work with. They use a multi-stage interview process, a police-issued background check, and customer ratings to ensure all of their cleaners are not only trustworthy but also great cleaners!

Home Cleaning

For my small 1 bedroom apartment with two pets Helpling recommended a 4 hour cleaning. My cleaner, Lily, showed up right on time and went straight to work. Lily said that sometimes home owners stay home while she cleans and that she cleans up around a lot of cats and dogs, but I knew my dog would never accept that she wasn’t there to play with him so I made sure that she was comfortable and then we got out of her hair.

When I came home just over 4 hours later Lily had gone and left behind A BRAND NEW APARTMENT. Lily = miracle worker. She had moved every piece of furniture and swept and mopped behind it. She had scrubbed my bathroom spotless and there was not one pet hair to be found. The inside of my microwave (which was so disgusting I was considering tossing it and buying a new one to avoid cleaning it) was sparkling and even my toaster had been cleaned out. Lily cleaned things I didn’t even knew needed cleaning until I saw them. I didn’t think I would need a cleaner ever again but based on my experience I will definitely be using Helpling every few months to help me tackle the deep cleaning I can never seem to find time for.

Save on Your Helpling Spring Cleaning!

helpling discount code

Since I’ve been gushing to my friends about how great Helpling is I thought I would share my experience and a discount code! Use the code “jamieleighgift” and get $25 off (or one hour free)!

So yeah, I just spring cleaned my apartment while lying in the sun drinking Palomas. So what? 

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