#NeverUncomfortable with Sanuk

Sure, fashion is great. But as a girl whose day includes biking to work, running around an office all day, off-site visits to shoots and client meetings, post-work events and maybe even squeezing in a motorcycle ride before bed, most days I’m more of a function over fashion kind of girl. That being said, I love trendy yet versatile pieces that can take me between all of those activities and keep me comfortable and fresh.

Sanuk shoes Canada

I just discovered the brand Sanuk, whose mantra #NeverUncomfortable is pretty much in line with my own personal style. I picked up this pair of Sanuk Mollies and tested them out for a full day of errands starting at 7am, a full day running around the office, and then out to a patio for a few post-work drinks. When you have to wear the same shoes from 7am-10pm, they sure better be comfortable!

Sanuk #NeverUncomfortable

Sanuk is a brand from the U.S. that is known for it’s comfortable and casual footwear. They have tons of great options from shoes like these to sandals, yoga flats, and sidewalk surfers in all sorts of fun colours and patterns in the Spring and Summer 2015 collection. They are most well known for their “yoga mat sandals” which use the same material as yoga mats to line the sandals.

Sanuk shoes

The Mollie has a molded footbed with arch support and an antimicrobial additive to the liner to help keep your feet so fresh and so clean. No blisters, no foot pain, lots of support. And a reminder to smile and not take life so seriously with every step!

Sanuk Shoes soles


While we’re on the topic of fashion, you should probably check out the link I tweeted today:

It’s a Google Trends Report on Fashion. Great for data nerd and fashion fans!

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