Review: ClassPass Launches in Toronto!

ClassPass has officially launched in Toronto! I signed up just over a week ago for a one month trial to see what the fitness subscription service is all about. So what’s it all about?

ClassPass allows you unlimited classes at the best fitness studios and gyms in your city for one monthly subscription cost. For only $99/month (get $50 off your first month here!) you have access to classes at about 80 different locations including yoga, cycling, strength training, dance, martial arts, pilates, and other bootcamp-style classes.

ClassPass Toronto

Life over here hasn’t always been so active. Besides playing on sports teams and figure skating into my teens the most active I got post-university was sporadic hot yoga classes and a weekly dodgeball game that, let’s be honest, wasn’t enough activity to offset the beers we drank after the game. The problem was that I couldn’t find an activity that I liked. I find traditional gym workouts boring and I couldn’t afford memberships at my favourite spin, yoga, and other fitness studios and had to do one thing at a time.

I had the chance to speak to ClassPass’ head of marketing, Alex Do, to learn a bit more about the service. Alex emphasized that ClassPass isn’t about losing weight – it’s all about getting out, being active and happy, and incorporating fitness into your lifestyle. Most of their membership is comprised of people who have never worked out before because of the cost or intimidation factor! Since their U.S. launch in 2013, ClassPass is now in 34 cities internationally and are very selective about the studios they include. A ClassPass representative tests out classes before adding studios (sign me up for that job!) and a robust rating system and customer service team help ensure only the best studios are kept on the app.

With my ClassPass I can attend as many classes as I want each month. The only limit is that you can only visit the same studio up to 3 times in a month. All you have to do is log into your account on the ClassPass app or website and reserve a spot in the class you want to go to. If you can’t make the class you can cancel at no cost 12 hours before the class starts or risk paying the penalty fee. The penalty fee for late cancellations and no shows ensures that studios aren’t holding spots for people that don’t show up. While the late cancellation and no show fee initially frustrated me I’ve found that I am way more motivated to make sure I show up at the class if money is on the line.

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With no annual commitment, ClassPass is incredibly flexible. The membership is renewed automatically each month but there is the option to cancel anytime or even pause your membership for $19/month in the case of illness, vacation, or a busy work schedule. ClassPass also announced the launch of ClassPass Flex yesterday – allowing members to use their ClassPass in any city!

So far I’ve done cycling, yoga, and strength training with ClassPass and I intend to explore a lot more during the remainder of my trial! In the words of Alex, variety is the new routine. 

Do you have a ClassPass? What are some must-try classes while I’m trying it out? 
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