10k Training – My Progress So Far

“Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.” – shouted Nina, my new running trainer.

When I realized that I would be running closer to 8km than the expected 5km last Monday night I hit a bit of a mental wall. I had heard that my running group usually only ran 5km and now we were doing running drills that would increase that distance significantly. Right as I was questioning how to deal with the news Nina shouted out the quote above. She was right. The problem wasn’t that I couldn’t physically do the running drills – it was my own expectations and mindset that was limiting me.

I joined BlackToe Running group to help progress in my running training. I hit a plateau around 5k where I was fearful to run more and re-injure my knee and wasn’t pushing myself hard enough to improve my speed. While I’ve been enjoying sweating it out at NTC training each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I also found myself using these classes to avoid running. Now that my BlackToe group meets every Monday after work I have no excuse but to join.

The Sporting Life 10k run is under 2 weeks away and I’m kicking my training into overdrive to make sure I am in the best shape possible on May 10th. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Monday: Ran 8km with my new BlackToe crew! 

BlackToe Running

We conquered some hills, tempo drills, and learned some new running drills on top of our run to Ontario Place.

Tuesday: NTC (Nike Training Club) 

Still one of my favourite ways to sweat!

Wednesday: Spin Class (at 6:45am no less!) at QuadSpin using my new ClassPass!

Village Juicery

I loved being able to go to a spin class with my ClassPass but I think I’ve decided that early morning workouts just aren’t my style, but I did treat myself to a Village Juicery juice on my way to work so I guess it wasn’t THAT bad.

Thursday: H.I.T and Run 

Nike Women Running H.I.T and Run

On Thursday Nike launched it’s latest running program called H.I.T and Run. It’s a short run to a destination where you do a high intensity training work out and then run back to the new Nike Women’s Running Store (formerly the Running Room in Liberty Village).

Friday: Hot Yoga at Gyan Yoga

I noticed my old Hot Yoga studio was on ClassPass so I went to check it out and sweat it out. I’m trying ClassPass out for one month so I’m really trying to get to as many classes as possible.

Saturday: NTC and Rock Climbing

Joe Rockheads

After my regular Saturday NTC class I went rock climbing with my friend Morgan! Morgan is crossing one thing off the list of things that scare her every month and we said “stick it” to her fear of heights with a little rock climbing and bouldering. You can read more about what she’s up to on her blog.

Sunday: Short run and NTC home workout

Yesterday I took it easy before tonight’s run with BlackToe for a short run at a quicker pace than I’m used to and sweat it out a bit with a core workout on the NTC app.


Tonight I’m back at BlackToe and following a similar schedule this week with a rest day added in at some point. I’m working up to my 10k and at the very least, I’m excited to be spending Mother’s Day with my mom at the Sporting Life 10k!

Any advice for me on my first 10k run? Let me know!

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