Fresh Weather, Fresh Cut, Fresh Perspective

Two and a half years ago I visited West Salon and Spa for the first time. At the time I was having a hard time finding a hair stylist I liked in Toronto and had been bouncing around to every salon any friend would recommend as well as some that I found on Yelp reviews or on blogs. Well, two and a half years after my first cut at West and I haven’t gone anywhere else. I’ve been trusting the incredibly energetic and kind owner, Priscilla with my hair since she wowed me with a great bang cut since December 2012.

Last weekend I visited with long locks, slightly grown out bangs and a 3-letter word in mind: LOB (long bob). I showed Priscilla a few photos to help her get an idea of the length I was looking to get (or lack thereof!) and she went to work.

Queen West Hair Salon

I love chatting with Priscilla, which is something I can’t say about most hair stylists I’ve seen. She is always incredibly positive and somehow remembers exactly what was going on in my life the last time I visited. We pick up where we left off like old friends and happily spend the time chatting about life.

Even if it’s just a fringe trim, I always leave West Salon and Spa in a great mood, feeling incredibly positive and confident. This time I left with that and a gorgeous little LOB:



I feel like I lost 10 hair pounds – my hair is feeling light and fresh for spring! The bangs are a work in progress (aren’t they always?) and I’ll be back in a few weeks for Priscilla to help them grow out in the least awkward way possible. It’s been the perfect way to welcome spring! Fresh weather, fresh cut, fresh perspective.


This isn’t a sponsored post – I just realized that I had been coming to West for so long and recommending it to family and friends without ever telling my blog friends. Anyway, what better excuse to show off my fresh hair cut? 😉

If you go, tell Priscilla I say hi!


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