RSVP: Career Management for Millennials Workshop

In some senses, millennials have it pretty rough. They are consistently accused of having a sense of entitlement while they tirelessly work to get the work experience, volunteer hours, and compete with each other for jobs. I felt the same pressure when I finished university with a general Arts degree to launch a career, with very little knowledge of what I wanted to do or what I might be good at. 10 years later, I have worked in a couple industries, ran my own business, and have finally landed in a career that I am not only happy in, but I excel in and challenges me both mentally and creatively.

career coaching

This month I’m co-hosting a workshop with Cecile Peterkin, Career Strategist at Cosmic Coaching Centre to help arm millennials with the knowledge and skills they need to launch their careers!

Join Cecile and I on Tuesday, February 24 from 6:30-8:30pm to learn how to launch your career or get your first “real” job.

Cecile will be sharing her extensive experience and knowledge including how to make sure you are on the right track to land your first post-graduate job, hone your skills with Career Assessments, build your LinkedIn profile to showcase your unique value proposition, the importance of a career management plan, and how to transfer your existing skills to a job application.

As a millennial, our social footprint can either help or harm us. I will be sharing how to play it safe online in order to appeal to potential employers and more importantly, how to craft and manage a personal brand that will help land you a job. My personal brand was crucial in me finding and pitching clients when I ran my own business and even helped me land my current job!

Join Cecile and I for the Career Management for Millennials Workshop at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI Regent Park) in the Daniels Spectrum Building, 3rd Floor, Meeting Room 1 on Tuesday, February 24th. Email to sign up!

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