Warmed up on a Cold Day – thanks to car2go Toronto!

Commutes on morning’s like today aren’t easy. It was -18 degrees in Toronto for the morning commute and while there isn’t much snow on the ground, most people’s commute was a little hairy. The Queen streetcar was coming every 10+ minutes, there wasn’t a free cab in sight, and people were frustrated. With high hopes, I used my RocketMan app to see that the next streetcar was 7 minutes away and hopped into my local Starbucks to stay warm and grab a coffee. The next few streetcars were full and as I often do, pulled up my car2go app. There was a car available in a lot just a minute walk away. Off I went!

Lucky for me, there’s also a car2go Toronto lot around the corner from my office. I dropped the car off and made small talk with a man who happened to be waiting for an available car while my rental ended. I hopped in the parking garage elevator and realized I had left my fresh Starbucks coffee sitting in the car. FACEPALM. On my way to buy another morning coffee to replace the one I had absent-mindedly left in the car, I tweeted:

JamieLeighTO tweet

I was feeling pretty silly, especially since I waited at the top of the parking lot’s exit to see if I could spot the new driver in the car that was now holding my coffee hostage. After a few minutes in the cold I gave up and grabbed a new coffee on my way to work.

This afternoon, I received a cute little card from car2goΒ with a Starbucks gift card to enjoy a coffee on them! It’s sweet little gestures like this that keep me returning to car2go and why I keep spreading the news about the service to all of my friends and family.

car2go Toronto

And to brand using social media to listen and monitor conversation around your brand – take note!

Thanks for the warm fuzzies today, car2go!

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