Eat Clean in 2015 with the all new #thatcleanlife

In March of this year I signed up for a clean eating “challenge” with That Clean Life. I say “challenge” because the meals were so delicious, the only challenge was not eating everything in one sitting. While I do generally eat pretty “clean”, I’m not one to be satisfied with having grapes for breakfast and carrots for lunch. I found the weekly meal plan gave me more than enough to keep full and to be honest, I had lots of extra food left over after the week was up. Meal prepping in advance also meant that I wasn’t spending $10 for an unhealthy lunch at the office or eating crackers over the sink after work because I didn’t have time to cook dinner. I have used the recipes from that week dozens of times since then and wished I had That Clean Life’s founder, Abigail Keeso, on speed dial to learn more of her recipes. I have never felt leaner, healthier, and better than I did that week!

With my physiotherapist’s orders to stop running for at least another month added on to the eating and drinking the holidays gifted me, I’ve been looking for more ways to eat (and snack) cleaner. I couldn’t be happier that on January 1st, That Clean Life launched it’s new membership-based clean eating club. The all new That Clean Life allows you to discover delicious healthy recipes, plan your meals in advance, automate your grocery list and stay motivated with all of the other members for only $9/month, with special savings for yearly memberships and discounted nutritional coaching with Abigail herself!

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That Clean Life launched with over 80 recipes with ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Most recipes are variations of things you’re probably already eating including pasta, salads, fish, burgers, and tasty snacks. A new recipe will be added each week so that you can constantly try new dishes.
An extra bonus for those with dietary restrictions: each recipe is gluten-free and dairy-free and usually comes with easy vegetarian substitutions!  So yes, you can still eat pasta and banana bread while still eating gluten and dairy-free!

Meal Planning

Once you find some recipes you want to try, you can follow one of five pre-made meal plans or build out your own meal plan. Your meal plan is then turned into an itemized grocery list to make sure you get everything you need in one shot at the grocery store. The first time you shop will be  bit more expensive if you need to buy things you wouldn’t normally buy like flax seed or hemp hearts, but once you have these ingredients in your cupboard shopping will be much easier!

Join Us!

To kick off the new year with a little motivation and accountability, the first clean eating challenge begins on January 19, 2015. This means pre-made meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, and a clean eating crew sharing their experiences on social media. Are you ready to Run This Year with me and the rest of #thatcleanlife members? Sign up at and let me know in the comments or on social media. Let’s eat clean in 2015 together!

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