Give the Gift of Food, Warmth, or Comfort – Red Cross Holiday Giving Campaign

I talk to my nana on the phone every now and then. We make plans to go for lunch or she calls to tell me about a TV show I might like. I spoke to my nana today and in our conversation about old turntables, vintage phones, lunch plans, and Julie Andrews, she mentioned that had started receiving Meals on Wheels once every week. I was thrilled to learn that my grandparents – or nana and papa, to me – were receiving a Red Cross service that helps so many in their community. Someone in our family had committed to pay for the service to help ease the stress of my nana caring for my papa every day. They also enjoyed the company of the volunteer who dropped it off and appreciated the conversation with someone new (the food wasn’t bad either, they said!)

It got me thinking. My grandparents are lucky that they had family to step in and pay for the service. And sure, they could be worse off. They could be more “in need”. But what about the families that are? Or what about the people who find themselves in need due to a sudden disaster or emergency?

The Canadian Red Cross has launched their Holiday Giving campaign to help you give the gift of food, warmth, or comfort to help a family in need.


Decide whether you want to provide food, warmth, or comfort and what your budget for giving is. The Canadian Red Cross will use your donation to purchase the items for a family that needs them.


When I was working with the Red Cross the most commonly asked question was “How can I donate used clothing, blankets, or supplies?” The short answer is that the cost of shipping and coordinating donations is more expensive then purchasing the items where they are needed. An added benefit is that the Red Cross is able to support local communities by purchasing relief items locally!

Visit to help get someone in need exactly what they need.Β 

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