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A lot of my love for the city of Toronto is rooted in the fact that Toronto is a “city of neighbourhoods”. The neighbourhoods you live in, shop in, work in, and play in have a huge impact on how you view your city and how you live. I call West Queen West home but I’ve also lived in The Annex, Chinatown, the Financial District, Little Italy, and Little Portugal. Each neighbourhood has it’s own distinct flavour, and I love having visitors come to the city to show them around my favourite neighbourhoods. Once you find the right neighbourhood, the city can feel small. Like your own little small town with your favourite places to eat, your familiar local store owners, and your baristas.

Toronto map(Image courtesy of one of my favourite Toronto-based illustrators, Dave Murray)

But if you’re new to the city, Toronto can be a large and unwelcoming city. And finding a place to live in Toronto, in the right neighbourhood for you, can be an absolute nightmare if you aren’t armed with the right tools you need to succeed.Β But what if you could search for an apartment by it’s proximity to transit as well as the demographic of a neighbourhood to find the right neighbourhood for you?


Toronto apartments NomadTO

NomadTO, the newest rental listing platform to launch in Toronto in October, believes that there are more factors that go into deciding where to live beyond the number of bedrooms and the monthly rent. Most people, especially those new to the city, aren’t able to find apartments in neighbourhoods they would love simply because they don’t know about them! Can you image looking at a blank map of Toronto and picking an apartment? It would be dumb look to happen to pick the best neighbourhood, especially since the neighbourhoods with the most affordable housing aren’t always the ones you’d want to live in.

While tools like Craigslist and Kijiji are good for casting a wide net, they really don’t give you all of the information you need. NomadTO allows users to choose any neighbourhood in the city. There are also options for apartment size, the cost of rent, proximity to transit, and whether or not the apartment is pet-friendly.

NomadTO Toronto apartments

While the website is still in beta version, NomadTO has plans to add more data like crime statistics, nearby parks, traffic, proximity to highways, demographics, night life, schools, etc.Β as the platform grows to make the process of apartment hunting in Toronto much easier!

While the site is fully functional in beta, you can also sign up to be notified when the site launches, which NomadTO assures me will be in the next couple months!Β 

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