That’s a wRap: Hennessy Artistry Series 2014

I don’t always spend my Thursday evenings in a nightclub, but when I do I make sure it involves bottle service, gratuitous selfies, and getting trolled on the internet by a hip hop producer who has worked with Jay Z and has over 350,000 followers on Twitter:

Just Blaze Twitter(For context: the hashtag of the event I was at was #ArtofBlending.)

November’s Art of Blending event featuring hip hop producer Just Blaze and electronic band Keys N Krates was another example of just how great fusing two distinct flavours can be. The blended sound was great – the crowd danced and cheered for the performance all night!

Since I’m not normally the “club type”, I was surprised how much fun I had and more importantly, how much I enjoyed the blend of genres all night. The mix of sound and lighting was the perfect soundtrack to the party and paired perfectly with the Hennessy mixes everyone was sipping on.

Check out these photos from the Art of Blending event! Click on a photo to see it embiggen.
(Image credit for all images in this post: Kayla Yestal.)

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