#ThrowbackThursday: California Vacation Nov ’13

Most people don’t realize, but this blog is a little time capsule of my life. So are most of my social media accounts. People have laughed when I assign a hashtag to my tweets from a trip or vacation, but what they don’t realize is what a great little diary you can build through social media or a blog. I wanted to post a fun little #ThrowbackThursday blog to remember one of my favourite vacations to date. And hey, if you’re looking for any recommendations for things to do in San Francisco or L.A., everything I’ve shared below is Jamie & Meg approved!

Since Saturday I have been re-living my vacation to California last November via Timehop.

Last year, Meg found this event online that looked like a lot of fun. It was a live reading of Anchorman with the FULL CAST and hosted by Conan O’Brien in Santa Monica, California. It was a charity event, but the tickets were pretty expensive. On a whim, we both bought tickets knowing that it would force us to take a vacation away from our computers and crazy workloads at the time. We decided to build a ridiculous vacation around what we thought was a pretty ridiculous event and to do something exciting every day that we were there. Our plan was to fly to San Francisco, spend a few days, and then rent a pink convertible to drive the coast down to L.A. After a few days there, we would drag each other back to the airport to return home. The pink convertible ended up being silver, but our plan to do something out of the ordinary every single day didn’t fall through. Our main goal for the vacation was summed up in this one quote:

“The only difference between an adventure or an ordeal is your perspective.”

Each time something went wrong (like how I had to bang on Meg’s front window to wake her up and we almost missed our flight in about 6 different ways) or we got lost (the L.A. bus system is confusion, okay?) we just reminded ourselves what an adventure we were on.

Meg & I had the best vacation – and we’ve already begun planning our next! It’s hard to find a friend that also makes a good travel companion, but I think we’ve struck gold. We’re both into some pretty nerdy stuff, so we can appreciate when one of us gets emotional in front of the Twitter version or when the other absolutely loses her mind in front of Julie Andrews’ star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Anyway,Β here are some of the highlights from our #tourdecali vacay:

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