RSVP: Hennessy Presents the Art of Blending – November 20, 2014

I’ve been blogging about Hennessy’s commitment to music and the arts for almost two years now! Why? Because I strongly believe in the Art of Blending – that is, blending global brands with music and the arts, as well as fusing different music genres to create a unique, blended sound.

Similarly, Hennessy is committed to supporting local music and arts programs through the Hennessy Artistry Series, a global music program designed to blend various genres of music for people to enjoy. Early last year, Hennessey led a Talent Search competition for the chance for an artist to play an international music festival in Europe as well as Beaches Jazz Fest in Toronto. Later on in the year, Hennessy hosted a show with DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier to showcase the Art of Blending. This year’s Art of Blending event is designed to elevate the Art of Blending once again!

Hennessy Artistry x KEYSNKRATES from 1 LOVE T.O. on Vimeo.

This year’s Art of Blending will fuse two dramatically different, yet complementary musical genres and well-known artists. The 2014 Hennessy Artistry Series in Canada will fuse the electronic sounds of Keys N Krates and the hip-hop vibes of Just Blaze. The live performance will pair perfectly with Hennessy for a true #ArtofBlending experience in both Toronto and Vancouver, with fans enjoying a blended musical performance with Hennessy mixed drinks that mix the flavours that pair perfectly with Hennessy.

Hennessy Keys N Krates Show Toronto

Join Hennessy, Keys N Krates, and Just Blaze on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at Uniun in Toronto and experience the #ArtofBlending for yourself!

RSVP: Tickets available at or RSVP to for you & your guests by 5pm on Tuesday November 18th. 

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