Purina PawsWay Pet-Friendly Loyalty Program is Making Toronto More Pet-Friendly!

Have you ever been to the Purina PawsWay? Not a lot of people know about this dog-friendly pet centre located on Toronto’s waterfront or some of the awesome things you can do there. The PawsWay is a cat and dog-friendly pet centre featuring exhibits, events, the Purina Animal Hall of Fame, and a pet-friendly cafe.

PawsWay Toronto

I’ve visited PawsWay a number of times, most recently to have Moe’s photos taken as part of the Purina Wonderfur Winter program. It was a quiet, weekday morning at PawsWay and we really enjoyed exploring the space. Afterwards, I loved having the freedom of setting up my laptop and getting some work done while enjoying a treat in the pet-friendly cafe on site while Moe went to work on a new bone I had brought to keep him occupied.

PawsWay Pet-Friendly Coffee Shop Toronto

PawsWay Pet-Friendly TorontoI’ve always had trouble finding dog-friendly spots in Toronto. Sometimes life would just be easier – and way more fun – if I could bring Moe along. It would also mean that he would spend less time waiting around for me at home, eliminating a large portion of my dog-mom guilt. Luckily, Purina PawsWay’s Pet-Friendly Loyalty Program is working on making Toronto a more pet-friendly city by offering discounts and rewards at “PawsWay Approved” businesses, including stores and hotels. The free program currently has more than 100 local businesses signed up as designated pet-friendly (or “PawsWay Approved”) locations throughout the entire city. You can become amember of the program (and take advantage of the great deals these pet-friendly businesses have to offer!) by signing up online and then pick up your loyalty tag and card from the PawsWay the next time you visit!

With Halloween just around the corner, Moe and I are going to be dressing up and exploring the best spooky attractions the city has to offer. One of the PawsWay Approved businesses is The Haunted Walk who are also offering 15% off tours to Members. The Haunted Walk offers a lot of great Halloween-themed walks from now until November 1st.

The more businesses that become PawsWay Approved, the more pet-friendly the city becomes! I hope to see more cafes and bars become PawsWay approved, as well as some grocery stores.

What places or businesses do you wish were PawsWay approved?

Image credits: http://pawsway.ca/

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