Dufflet Pastries Expands Line of Gluten-Free Treats

I moved to Toronto almost 10 years ago and soon after got my first “grown up job” (as if my stint as a McDonalds Manager in high school wasn’t one). The owners were a young couple with great taste and introduced my tastebuds and I to some pretty amazing spots, including Terroni, Ravi Soups, and Dufflet. Ever since then I have been a little Dufflet brand cheerleader, encouraging all of my friends to get birthday cakes and special treats there. This summer my cousin’s wedding caterer showed up with a box with a Dufflet’s sticker on it and I promptly LOST MY MIND with excitement. It’s a bit of a problem.

Get Thee (and me!) To Dufflet!

Fortunately for my waistline, my gluten-free eating means I have to forego a lot of my favourite treats and pastries. When I do eat them, I’m fairly discerning. Why would I want to eat something just because it’s gluten-free if it means I’m sacrificing taste? I was thrilled when Dufflet announced their line of gluten-free options, and thrilled all over when they announced more gluten-free treats. This fall, Dufflet is expanding their gluten-free line to include:

• Carrot Cakelet®
• Chocolate Cakelet®
• Pink Velvet Cakelet®
• Lemon Tarts
• Fudge Tarts
• Devil’s Food Cupcakes & Heavenly Vanilla Cupcakes
• Chocolate Chunk Brownie – Chewy fudge brownie with dark chocolate chunks.
• Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon

Enter to Win a Gluten-Free Cakelet from Dufflet


Visit the Dufflet Pastries Facebook page and enter to win your own gluten-free cakelet!

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