Introducing – Canada’s First Online Bakery Marketplace

My friends and I like to do nice things for each other. From flowers left in my apartment on special days to gluten-free treats dropped off when we pop by someone’s favourite bakery, my group of friends likes to surprise each other with little treats. A few months ago, a friend was having a particularly busy week at work, so I scoured the internet for a cookie delivery service to deliver freshly baked cookies to her office as a sweet little surprise. It was hard to find the service and I ended up having to choose a vendor I wasn’t familiar with. I wasn’t even sure that it had been delivered until she posted the photos on Instagram. I thought then “wouldn’t it be great if my favourite bakeries delivered?”. (Sssh. I’ve also had the same thought every time I craved my favourite gluten-free treats from bakeries scattered around the city.)


photo 2 (1) launched today! allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to leave the house. Users can browse through local bakeries or search for exactly what they are looking for and order for pickup or home delivery. They even have nut-free, Kosher, gluten-free, and vegan options for those of us with dietary restrictions. It’s also very easy to add your own shop to the site and list the items you would like to offer.

Warning: It is dangerously easy to order a dozen cookies to your door.

I can’t wait to send some sweet treats to my friends the next time they need a little pick me up or a surprise office delivery 🙂

Next task on my To Eat list: Getting Bunner’s on the site!

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