RSVP: Redemption Dogs & Stuff On Scout’s Head Toronto Book Release – September 20, 2014

As most rescue dog owners will tell you, I’m not sure if I rescued Moe or if Moe rescued me. Most days it could go either way. I can tell you that there is nothing that can change my mood so quickly, and without fail, every time I come home. No matter how my day was or what I did, I am always greeted with the most enthusiasm and love. Moe has taught me more about myself, my friends, and my life than any friend I’ve ever had. 

This Saturday, two passionate dog-loving friends of mine are co-hosting a pooch party to celebrate the dogs in our lives. The lovely Nicole Simone has taken a series of photographs of dogs and the humans they’ve rescued for part two of the Redemption Dogs gallery series. At the same time, Jen Gillen is celebrating the launch of her and her endlessly charming dog Scout’s book release for “Lessons in Balance”. Scout is a rescued pitbull who is helping “re-brand” the breed while balancing objects on his head.  


The best part?
Moe and I are featured in one of the prints!

Come by The Coffin Factory Gallery at 89 Niagara Street, Toronto for art, a book launch, and lots of treats from sponsors Tutorino Italian School, Spaw Boutique (Moe’s favourite place to get his nails trimmed),  Sweat Pea Flowers, and Double Trouble Brewing.  The event starts at 7:30pm. 

jen & scout

Jen, Rudy, and Scout from the first Redemption Dogs Series

Dogs are welcome, as long as they are leashed and well-behaved! Moe heard there will be plenty of balloons at the party, so he’s hoping to only make a quick appearance and then leave to let me do all the talking and balloon-fighting, but I would be happy to tell you Moe’s rescue story, which brought him all the way from Ohio as a sick, underweight boxer puppy who I was supposed to foster until he could find his new home. 

All proceeds from Redemption Dogs will go to LOYAL Rescue Inc. and proceeds from Scout’s book to All Breed Canine Rescue and Bullies In Need. Jen and Scout will also be accepting monetary donations and any new or pre-loved food, beddings, toys, etc. to be donated to dog rescues they support. 

RSVP to the Redemption Dogs Facebook event.

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