RSVP: Spark Sessions SEO For Bloggers Workshop – June 7, 2014

While most bloggers make running a blog look easy there is a lot more that goes into a blog then writing, posting, and then sharing the post with all of your friends. Bloggers wear many hats to write any single post and one of the most important skills a blogger can use is SEO skills. Even the best blogs need traffic and in order to continue growing your readership you need to attract new readers. Most people are surprised to learn that my website resulted in a lot of new business meetings when I was running my own business due to the SEO on my website!

Spark Sessions

Spark Sessions is hosting an SEO For Bloggers workshop to provide bloggers with education and strategy on SEO. The workshop will teach bloggers how to attract readers using SEO coding and how to keep them on their blog with a user-friendly and appealing format. This includes lessons in HTML coding, SEO strategy and techniques to ensure your blog dominates search results, identifying key words for your blog and how to use them effectively, and other great techniques to increase your audience reach. The class size is limited to 30 people and this session will be led by writer and SEO expert Nicki Lamont.

Spark Sessions hosted their inaugural fashion and beauty blogger conference last fall. Spark Sessions Workshops are one-day programs designed to teach bloggers specialized skills. Their photography workshop in April received a tremendous response and was praised for it’s hands-on education format.

Tickets for the workshop in Toronto are available now for only $69.

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