RSVP: Toronto GlutenFreedom Week May 25-31, 2014

For those who eat gluten-free, dining out can consistently be a challenge. Sure, we can usually find a salad (sometimes sans dressing) or a juice to hold us over but finding gluten-free restaurant gems quickly becomes the life goal of those who have to avoid gluten.

Toronto GlutenFreedom Week

Toronto GlutenFreedom Week is a week-long event which celebrates Toronto’s best restaurants that offer excellent gluten-free fare. Participating restaurants offer more than a few options for gluten-free patrons with a selection of 3-course gluten-free meals at fixed prices. The goal: to foster safe dining experiences for celiacs or the intolerant to confidently enjoy delicious dishes at some of Toronto’s best restaurants.

Participating restaurants include Tabule, Delux, El Caballito, Playa Cantina, Hapa Izakaya, Mildred’s Temple, Southern Accent, Bangkok Garden, and Yours Truly, among many others.

A full list of restaurants and instructions on how to make reservations can be found at

Note: if you eat gluten-free you probably know that not every restaurant can guarantee that every meal is free from cross contamination. Use caution and ask any appropriate questions you would normally ask when dining out.

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