Good Morning from Viamede Resort!

After arriving late last night I was exhausted and went to bed after a few drinks in the Boathouse Pub. This morning I woke up to sunshine and a fresh breeze from my balcony. This is the view from my amazing king size bed:

Viamede Rooms

There is a fireplace too but I don’t think I’ll be needing that since the sun is out this weekend and the weather couldn’t be more perfect!
Breakfast was at 8:30am but I skipped it to spend some extra time relaxing in bed. I had a crazy week and really needed to unwind. Once I had enough of lazing around in bed I took my relaxing to my private balcony and this view:

Viamede balcony

Later we’re off for a tour of the newly renovated Viamede, followed by lunch, some afternoon activities including the trails, frisbee golf, and kayaking, and by then it should be time for dinner and drinks in the pub.

We all know I love my city but I also really enjoy getting away for the weekend and doing everything I want on my own time. I just got here and I already don’t want to leave! I think I’ll come back again this summer and explore the trails with Moe. He would absolutely love it here and the whole place is pup-friendly!

For now I’m off to my balcony, my book, and my sweet gluten-free treats that Carly sent me off with for the weekend! À bientôt!

Viamede Resort

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