New Phone, New Gelaskins!

finally recently upgraded my phone after a few smashes, lots of scratches, and a few different hand-me-down iPhone 4S replacements. Eventually I just bit the bullet and got myself a shiny (gold) iPhone 5. I would say that given my job and my own personal habits I am a pretty heavy phone user so the first thing I do when I get a new phone is outfit it with a sturdy hard case and a screen protector. I’ve been using Gelaskins cases exclusively for the past 2+ years and the saddest part about upgrading my phone this time was knowing that none of my old cases would fit my new iPhone 5. Lucky for me, my crazy cat lady case was available for the 5 and I ordered a replacement right away:

Gelaskins Phone Case

Gelaskins makes skins for your gadgets like phones and computers, hard cases for iPhones, prints and canvases. They also promote and support artists who receive a portion of each skin or case sold featuring their art. Fancy yourself une artiste? You can also customize your own creation. They just added a ton of new art to the site and I’m already thinking about which one I’m going to order next:

image courtesy of Casie

image courtesy of Casie

What’s a girl to do with all of these old cases? Does anyone want them? Let me know in the comments or tweet at me

Gelaskins Cases

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1 Comment

  1. mypenmyvoice
    May 8, 2014 / 7:53 am

    Just changed from a iPhone5 to a 4 — mama needs some cases 😉