Summer Beauty Prep Products: Thirsty Three

Now that spring finally feels like it is just around the corner, everyone seems to be stepping in to summer beauty prep overdrive to recover from one of the harshest winters my fellow twenty-somethings have ever experienced. My sensitive skin takes an extra beating in the winter and with warmer temperatures calling for more exposed skin it really is time to ramp up the moisture and care. To help get myself and my readers ready to bare some extra skin this summer I’m sharing a countdown of my favourite summer beauty prep tips, starting with today’s tips to fix winter damage to the “Thirsty Three”.

Thirsty Three

The Thirsty Three are three of your body parts that take a particular beating throughout the harsh winter cold and heavy winter fabrics.


I know we’re all in the same boat when it comes to what our hands look like after a long winter. For me, the cold weather, rough mittens, and long dog walks make my hands a dry, irritated nightmare all winter. While I have my yearly spring refresh appointment at the spa booked for tomorrow, I’m also using soothing hand creams like ones from The Body Shop and Pure & Simple to help prepare my skin for warmer temperatures and reduce the damage the winter months have caused.


It’s easy to neglect your feet in the winter since they aren’t being shown off in sassy sandals or and in my case, aren’t getting regular attention at my favourite spas like they would all spring and summer. On top of daily moisturizing, weekly exfoliating, and whenever-I-get-the-chance at-home pedis, I also like to do a monthly foot wrap which conditions and moisturizes the skin on my feet to keep them looking and feeling great. While you can certainly make your own I buy packages of moisturizing pads that sit on your feet like a sock and kick my feet up in front of my favourite TV show while they work their moisture magic.


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Most people forget about taking care of the skin under their arms but let’s face it, your cozy knits and less than frequent hair removal routine isn’t doing it any favours, on top of the dry weather damage that your skin is already experiencing.

This spring I’m trying the new Lady Speed Stick Nutra-SkinTM/MC with Vitamin E. The new antiperspirant offers 24-hour odour and wetness production, an invisible formula, and over 30% conditioning agents to make sure you keep your cool while moisturizing your skin. Visit SnapSaves for a special offer on Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin. 

What do you use to help prep your Thirsty Three for summer?

 **This is a sponsored post.** 

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