My Spring Detox Challenge with That Clean Life – March 24-29

I’ve signed on to a Spring Detox Challenge with That Clean Life, led by Registered Nurse and holistic health cheerleader, Abigail Keeso!

I met Abigail Keeso on Twitter when her charming chocolate lab, Derby caught my attention. Since then, I’ve followed Abigail for the positivity, kindness, and healthy energy she emits through the internet. Her food photos are an inspiration to eat better and a reminder that eating clean and healthy doesn’t have to be torture. I’ve been keeping my eye on the clean eating challenges this year waiting for the right time to join myself. I’ve just signed up for the Spring Detox Challenge from March 24-29, 2014.

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The “Challenge”?

I’m hesitant to even refer to this is a challenge because I already come from a pretty clean eating mentality. With the exception of a few late-night gluten-free pizzas and a few chocolate treats here and there, I tend to eat as healthy as I can for a busy girl on the go. Eating healthy makes me feel a lot better and means I don’t waste sick days on y’know, being sick.

What Is It?

The Spring Detox Challenge is a 6-day clean eating detox program. For a minimum donation of $11 (you can pay more if you’re so inclined!), you receive an e-book containing:
– A comprehensive 6-day meal plan with daily breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
– An itemized grocery list with tips on buying clean groceries
– Pages of clean, delicious and nutrient-packed recipes with photos
– FAQ on the challenge and eating clean

The Menu

I don’t want to give anything away, but I’ve taken a peak at the menu and you won’t be munching on lettuce and snacking on carrots. Each dish is a clean adaptation of things you probably already eat! I can’t wait to get cooking.

The benefit of this challenge vs. other clean eating goals?

You aren’t alone! Abigail rallies a group of people to do each challenge together. There is power in numbers, and every other participant is welcome to share their progress, gratuitous food photos, and thoughts on the program on social media using #thatcleanlife.

Want to Join Me?

Sign up hereΒ and let’s do the challenge together!

And yeah, I’m the girl that’s gonna tweet about her food. No shame here. Not even going to pretend I’m better than that.
See you in a week, #thatcleanlife!Β 

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