Collective Arts Brewing Releases Series 2 of Bottle Art

Collective Arts beerCollective Arts Brewing have released their second series of bottle art. Selected from over 800 submissions, the new collection features artists from around the world. The label is committed to supporting the local arts community by fusing their art of craft brewing with the talents of artists, musicians, filmmakers, and photographers through its artist label series. Series 2 includes some of my favourite artists and I’ve been cruising every LCBO I can to find my favourites on the bottles.Β 

High fiving extra hard for my friends in Hands & Teeth today who are celebrating their album release at The DakotaΒ Tavern on Wednesday night and have their new video premiering on MUCH today!

Need some more ear candy today? I’ve also been loving this July Talk Juno TV Vault session!

Collective Arts beers are available at select LCBO’s and bars and restaurants.
Want to see your favourite artists in Series 3? Encourage them to submit art to Collective Arts.

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