Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!

With American roommates bringing Facebook into my college dorm almost 10 years ago, I was one of Facebook’s earlier adopters and subsequently, entitled bitter complainers when FB opened the platform to non-university students. Since then, we’ve been on a wild adventure through platform changes, privacy concerns, acquisitions, and feature films. If you had told me 10 years ago that Facebook would be a large part of my job as a 20-something professional, I probably would have thought you were bonkers.

Ten years later, Facebook is a powerful tool connecting people across the world and brands to their customers.Β Like most 10-year olds, Facebook is now trying to figure out how it can make moneyΒ and is reinventing itself in new and exciting ways.

In honour of its first double-digit birthday Facebook has enabled a feature that allows users to create a “Look Back” video of life events, statuses and photos with high engagement during their time on the social network. Edit: Facebook updated the Look Book video so it can be shared on your Facebook profile this afternoon!Β 

Here’s a snapshot from my Look Back on Facebook:

Facebook Look Back Birthday

To view your own Look Back visit www.facebook.com/LookBack

Happy 10th birthday, Facebook!

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