Ten Thousand Coffees Connects Aspiring Youth to Industry Leaders

A good cup of coffee can be a life changing experience, especially when it’s a coffee set up through the Ten Thousands Coffee project. Ten Thousand Coffees is a youth movement designed to facilitate mentorship programs to connect aspiring youth to industry leaders and experienced professionals willing to share insights over coffee.

While I certainly don’t consider myself an “Expert” in my field, I know that I have a lot of insight and experience in my industry as an entrepreneur and now with my new positionΒ as a Community Manager working in advertising. I’ve signed up to share my experience with “Novices” on the platform but I will also be signing up as a Novice so that I can connect with other professionals with different experience in my industry.

Ten Thousand Coffees experts

Want to be involved? All you have to do is sign up and create your profile as either a Novice or Expert. Novices can then browse the Expert profiles and fine one they would like to connect with. When the Expert accepts your invitation you can set up a time to talk over coffee and you can choose to meet in person, or over video chat, email, or phone.

Ten Thousand Coffees

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get coffee!

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