Last Minute Gift Ideas

While the holiday season might be over, chances are there are still a few last friends, colleagues, or acquaintances who are “just dropping in” and to your humiliation, show up with gifts in tow. To avoid any embarrassment or awkwardness I always keep a stockpile of generic gifts to help get me out of what could be awkward situations. These are gifts that anyone would be happy to receive and more importantly, can also be consumed by me should I end up with extras.

Here are my top three last minute gift ideas to keep on hand – especially during the holidays:

1. Wine

VIP Wine

Wine always makes for great gifts, but sometimes it’s hard to pick out a bottle that will impress any discerning wine drinkers. This year I gifted VIP’s Pinot Grigio. The white wine has slight notes of citrus and pairs well with cheese and fruit plates, among many other dishes. It’s a new product in LCBO’s in Ontario so the recipient also gets to try out a new wine that they just might end up loving!




2. Chocolate

images (1)While gifting sweets and boxes of chocolate may sometimes seem impersonal, there’s just something about the holidays and enjoying Ferrero Rochers. The bite-sized treats just taste like Christmas itself and some of my favourite holiday memories took place around a box of FR’s on the table. Β I keep several boxes on hand to impress unexpected guests around the holidays.


3. Coffee

sbux-gcAs the holidays season approaches I make sure to stock up on gift cards from one of my favourite coffee shops. Starbucks cards can be used on food, coffee or tea, or other merchandise in store and you can guarantee there will be a ‘Bucks in any neighbourhood the recipient lives or works in.



All of these gifts are sure to impress anyone who drops by and if you end up with extras, I’m sure you’ll know what to do with them!

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