Purina’s Wonderfur Winter Contest

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a bit nuts over my dog. Moe is the ever-bouncing, kissing, and snuggling light in my life and has turned me into one of those crazy women with a dog voice I try to hide and fur-clad clothes that I am always more than happy to brag about. When I was invited to the PawsWay to treat Moe to some pampering and a photo shoot courtesy of Purina’s Wonderfur Winter holiday campaign, I jumped at the chance to spoil Moe rotten for yet another day.

The morning promised a styling session with groomer Cheryl McNaughten and a photoshoot with Toronto’s pet fur-tographer, Jason KB. While Moe is short-haired and doesn’t require much pampering, Cheryl came well-equipped with pet-friendly polish, accessories, and grooming tools for every breed. I used my time with Cheryl to talk about the best grooming techniques for short-haired dogs and she taught me how to properly trim his nails. Because of his short hair and aversion to water, Moe doesn’t get to enjoy a lot of pampering time and he was all too eager to be the center of attention for the morning!

I’ll be the first to admit that Moe’s attention span is…well, non-existent. He also has a strange aversion to cameras and avoids eye-to-lens contact at all times. Jason and his team were nothing but patient and to be honest, it didn’t seem like they had any trouble at all getting Moe to ham it up for the camera. After a quick chat about Moe’s motivations (any treats, toys, and basically any excitement at all), the team got to work to get a variety of shots. While Jason takes photos, Angus uses toys, treats, and fun noises to stage each “pose” for the camera. 


The photo shoot was all a part of Purina’s Wonderfur Winter holiday contest. Anyone can submit their favourite pet photos to wonderfurwinter.ca for a chance to have their pet featured on the packaging of next year’s Wonderfur Winter holiday treats. You can submit as many photos as you like and vote for the pets you think should win. I received so many great photos of Moe I have no idea which ones to submit! Please let me know in the comments which one you think could be next year’s Purina poster boy.

Moe’s extra treat for being such a great model: a Purina Wonderfur Winter package for both him and his feline friend at home!

Thank you to the Purina team, Jason KB, and the PawsWay for a wonderfur morning for Moe and I! 


Jason KB Photography

Jason KB specializes in pet photography and have a fully-equipped pet-friendly studio located in Toronto. I’ve worked with two other photographers in the past to get photos of Moe and neither even came close to Jason KB’s level of skill and professionalism. They truly understand dogs and even though our session was short compared to what they normally do, they still took the time to learn about Moe and which parts of his personality I hoped to capture in photos. The above photos are unedited so the final versions will look even better! I was especially impressed that Jason and Angus weren’t phased by Moe’s size and energy which is surprisingly a problem with some pet professionals. I highly recommend them for your next pet photos! 

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  1. El Granto
    December 12, 2013 / 12:58 pm

    Love the “check out my booty” shot.